about Helen De Cruz

I am a philosopher with specialization in philosophy of cognitive science, philosophy of religion, and naturalistic approaches to epistemology. My research is concerned with the question of how embodied, cognitively limited human beings can acquire knowledge, especially in domains that seem far removed from everyday experience, such as mathematics and theology.Helen De Cruz

My research is motivated by the following paradox about human reasoning: on the one hand, cognitive psychological research indicates that human cognition is biased, limited, and driven by heuristics that are shallow and error-prone. However, in spite of this, humans have been able to achieve remarkable progress in diverse areas of knowledge acquisition, such as mathematics and the sciences. How can we explain this success? More precisely: how do humans surmount their cognitive limitations at least to some extent? My research focuses on these two aspects of human knowledge acquisition: the role that untutored intuitions, heuristics and biases play and the way cognition is altered the external environment, such as artifacts, symbols, and other minds.

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